Monday, March 25, 2013


Hello All,

Is been a while am not writing anything here in my blog due to some program that ties me down but i promise that i will always make sure i put some encourage and serious write up here from now on as am aware some damages has been done in the whole places where Been Gay is not allowed and many has been Buried for what they are and  is a painful thing that someone will live his or her own life style and still want other person to behave or live just the way it will please him or her.

Discrimination is seriously taking serious step in Africa especially Nigeria where they have term it with huge Bail of Term and Hard Labor, but i want you all to remember no ones life is different from each other , the way you want yourself to be accept as whom you are and want to be respect for whom  you are is the same way another person want you to see him or her, all you have to do is Accept and believe you are not different from that person as Discrimination and Hatred is not what Good news preach to humanity.

You act the way that please you and your life in as much as you accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour , i also accept and believe in Christ and am also 100% Happy the way i am so why not accept and welcome someone the way he or she is either than planning to see how to weigh him or her down and cause the person pain and bury the person or cause heart pain.

So many has been denied their right at office, some are not working , some has been taken off their Post, all because of their Gender and Sexual Preferences , is that Moral Lesson?

Big Question am going to throw here before closing for these short note is please if i may ask you this few Questions be clear and search well in your heart before answering it.

1. As a Father or Mother, You find out that you want the best for your child and yes you want the person to be happy and you need him or her to make you happy and one day you hear that your only son or Daughter is Gay/Lesbian , Will you provide him to the Government to take their Law on him or her?

2. As a community, we all have hear the Bill passed by the Government Leaders of Nigeria, but what if you find out that those who passes those Law to Forbid, Kill, Jail or Punish anyone they find out that he or she is Gay , you find out that those same Leaders has son, Daughter, Uncle, Aunty , Sister or Brother that is either Gay or Lesbian, knowing this, Will they still bring their Family member out to face the Punishment ?

3. Finally, You find out that in Your Office, Church, Local Government or the People Ruling and planning on how to Terminate and Vanish Gay Life style in Nigeria, you find out that among them , few are Bisexual, Who will Punish them?

Lets stop all these Bullshits of Condemnation and Embrace the Spirit of Love, Acceptance, Believe, Encourage and Support to live Equal Life Style, I believe that the World will be a Better Place for everyone on earth.. Lets come together as one !

Thanks and God Bless,
Chika Nwafor

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